Projects of the Rangeland Restoration Academy

The Academy offers the following seminars, short courses and programs. All can be customized to meet individual needs and situations. CTE credit is available for some of these courses. Contact Steve Rich
at (801) 661-1853 to discuss specific needs.

"Real World Consequences of Basing Public Land Policy on Philosophy Rather than Science.” An on the ground and classroom examination of different states of rangeland health: their causes and cures.

“Policy Consequences: The Health of Pinyon/Juniper Woodlands”

“Policy Consequences: The Health of Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystems”

“Policy Consequences: The Health of Chaparral/Shrub/Grassland Communities”

“Policy Consequences: The Health of Aspen Woodlands”

“Carbon Sequestration Strategies for Rangelands and Grazable Woodlands”

“The Soil Carbon Implications for Endangered Species”

“Soil Carbon and Ecosystem Consequences of Severe Wildfire”