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Welcome to Rangeland Restoration Academy!

Our mission is to improve rangelands in the West and around the world. We accomplish this by demonstrating proven techniques and teaching about what actually works to restore native biodiversity, soil fertility, tilth and water holding capacity, watershed function, riparian health and stream flows to the world’s rangelands.

These management techniques preserve and restore wildlife, including endangered species, while also increasing forage for wildlife. In many cases, it is astonishing how rapidly they achieve significant positive results.

Everything we do is based on real, peer reviewed, solid, published science. We conduct and participate in exciting and important ongoing research. We inform the public, policy makers, the media, and the private entities involved with our rangelands about the many long-established landscape scale successes achieved by deeply respected professionals.

Much of this information is little known, even among rangeland professionals. Much of it is actually suppressed, ignored and/or distorted by special interest groups. Most cost little or no money. And at the same time they are improving a variety of rangeland values, their demonstration and application can help solve deep, divisive and disastrous public lands conflicts. The Academy works in a variety of ways to produce these benefits.

Please browse our Web site. We have posted some of the most important and useful range studies and analyses. We also highlight some of the material produced by the Academy, some of our current activities and projects, the courses we offer and links to other valuable organizations and resources. All of it is information and resources that will be useful to anyone concerned about improving our rangelands in a balanced, responsible, scientifically and economically sound way.

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Get to know us. Look at the courses we offer. Sign up for our e-newsletter. And, if you agree which what we are trying to accomplish, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support our work.


Steve Rich

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